The recently concluded Innovation Fair held in Queretaro, Mexico was a success!

The Fair featured the Engineering and Sales teams of KI Industries, Inc. showcasing new technologies that can propel our customers into new markets with new functionalities.   The first day was focused on advancements in the molding and manufacturing of components for cooking, laundry and refrigeration customers including Mabe and Whirlpool Mx.    Day two was all about our focus on the automotive industry and included customers from Bitron.   The Fair brought together professionals from both sides that have a relevant roll in the product design and specification stage of development.

“As a result, we have placed the seed of IMD in the minds of our participants and have reinforced the ability of KI as a partner that can provide innovative solutions”, said Carlos Garcia, Director of International Business Development.   KI is expected to partner with several customers on pilot projects to begin in the near term.

“We continue to showcase the engineering and manufacturing expertise that KI Industries can bring to our customer base.  The Innovation Fair was an example of that expertise”.  Mike MacLean, CEO.

We invite anyone interested in learning more about our focus on IMD to contact our engineering team lead by Mike McCratic and Jeff Bohn or our Sales team lead by Carlos Garcia.

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