Berkeley, IL – In response to the shortage of adequate and effective personal protection equipment brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, KI Industries today announced that it has repurposed machinery at its Berkeley, IL facility and is manufacturing mask shields which they are donating to the first responder community.  

The shields are made utilizing DuPont Delrin® material and worn over masks such as the N-95 mask and surgical masks to help extend their life by limiting exposure to airborne contaminants. The shields are being donated by KI for use in both the local law enforcement and medical communities.  

“Our first responder community like law enforcement personnel and doctors and nurses, are on the front lines in this fight. Anything that we can do to assist them, we will do” said Mike MacLean, President and CEO of KI.    

Adds Mike McCratic, KI’s Director of Engineering, “We designed the shields to give them the adaptability to be used with a variety of different masks”.   

Customer response to the shields has been gratifying said KI’s MacLean. “The feedback we’ve received has been outstanding! Users have specifically commented on the high quality of the mask design and it’s light weight”.  

KI Industries was founded in 1964 and has become the leading supplier of decorative plastic parts for the appliance and automotive industries. KI has pioneered numerous technologies that are now widely used in the industry and continue to develop new processing techniques that enable customers to bring innovative products to market that make their products unique.  

For more information – Press only 

Contact: Judy Wierman, Director of Human Resources 

Phone: (708) 375-5109 


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