PVD-thumbKI Industries pioneered the use of an electroplating process on decorative parts. We applied a brushed stainless steel finish on thermoplastic materials for appliance applications. We also have the capability to apply this finish to high-temperature thermoplastic (PBT) and thermoset materials.

In the appliance industry, plastic injection molded parts presented a challenge. What is a cost-effective way to outfit a cooking range with knobs and bezels that can withstand high-temperature requirements?

KI is the leading component supplier of plastic injection molded parts to cooking appliance manufacturers. As such, KI was up for the challenge. We are the single, most qualified resource to allow design engineers the ability to look at all their control interface options.

To address these issues, KI developed a PVD (physical vapor deposition) process on thermoset material. It simulates the look of bright chrome and brushed stainless steel finishes.

Platable grades of thermoplastics (ABS and PC/ABS), begin to soften at about 200°F (93°C). Thermoset material has a much higher heat rating. Initial tests show that thermoset knobs with PVD can withstand up to 300°F (149°C) without any negative effects on appearance.

For those applications that do not need the performance characteristics of thermoset materials. This same process applies to other common thermoplastic materials such as PBT.

The PVD process is more environmentally friendly than electroplating. Design engineers can achieve the aesthetic and performance characteristics required for their applications. All while satisfying the consumer’s demand for greener products.

KI has launched several major programs using this technology. We are working on new ones that will incorporate these benefits to the consumer. We continue to strive to be the best source for high-performance decorative components to both the appliance and the automotive industries.

When it comes to plastic injection molded parts for the appliance industry, KI can help. Contact your account manager or email us at sales@kiindustries.com. We will meet or exceed your expectations.

Looking for high-value-added decorative plastic components? KI is your one-stop option – from design to production.

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