moldflowMoldflow software for plastic injection molding simulation helps reduce manufacturing defects.

Moldflow software allows KI to analyze the proposed mold design to ensure that the mold will produce the strongest, most uniform parts from each cavity.

A computer model of the mold is constructed. The Moldflow software uses this model and the processing characteristics of the resin to predict how the resin will flow through the mold and into the cavities.

This allows KI to study and optimize the mold prior to in being manufactured. Potential tooling-related problems are discovered before the mold is built rather than during production. This allows us to correct problems before cutting metal. This avoids delays and saves time and money.

KI engineers will review your project and determine whether Moldflow analysis is appropriate for your application.

Advanced Design Services

KI has the experience and expertise to support your needs from initial concept to production launch. We will handle every detail.

All KI employees focus on providing the highest quality products and service for our customers.

At KI, we do not just sell parts. We work from the design stage with our customers to develop the best solution for their needs. Our team of design engineers, product engineers, project managers, and account managers dedicated to guaranteeing a successful product launch. In every project. You will always have support at your fingertips.

From print to prototype production, KI has the experience and expertise to support your design team.

KI has a solution-based design approach. We use a CAD system with portable and desktop Pro/Engineer capabilities as well as model-making to assist in product design. Moldflow analysis guarantees that our tooling design is built for optimum cost efficiency and the quality you expect.

We at KI understand what a cosmetic injection molded plastic part of an assembly can do for your product.

It is what we do!

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