How we stay consistent

Transparency is key to the way we work

At KI we share our Policies so you can better understand how we work, how we conduct our business, and how we manage our teams.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all of us at KI Industries.

We operate in many countries across the world, and we are citizens of nations with varying laws, regulations, and customs. KI Industries’s commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct transcends national boundaries.

The Code of Conduct helps us understand who we are at KI Industries. It shapes our attitudes, our actions, our behaviors, and our decisions.

Growth, career progression, mentoring, support, and training are all part of our of DNA. Different opportunities, different locations.

Performance Management is a fundamental process for KI Industries, it’s a key element for our employee’s performance, growth and development.

An ongoing process of check-in conversations, communicating and clarifying responsibilities, priorities and performance expectations in order to ensure mutual understanding between manager and employee.

Our Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity is the basis of our culture and our drive.

No employee should be subject to physical, sexual or psychological punishment.

Penalty or penalty values shall not be deducted from wages in accordance with disciplinary practices unless regulated by a collective agreement or recognized by law. Bribery and extortion are prohibited in KI Mexico.

KI Mexico complies with applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws.

KI Industries recognizes and respects cultural differences. All collaborators must be treated strictly according to their skills and experience in all employment decisions, including, but not limited to, hiring, promotion, remuneration, benefits, training, and termination of the contract.

KI ensures that female employees receive equal treatment in all aspects of work. Pregnancy tests are not a condition of contracting and any pregnancy tests are made voluntary with worker’s consent. Additionally, workers are not forced to use contraceptives.

The non-discrimination provision requires that no distinction should be made between the Collaborators based on personal characteristics or beliefs, such as age, ethnic group, religion, sex, political opinion, marital status, maternal/paternal status, national or social origin. This means that all Collaborators must be treated strictly according to their skills and training in any employment decision. If you have any ethic topic regarding discrimination, please contact

We produce and ship decorative plastic products for automotive and household appliance sectors. We meet the requirements of the product and the expectations of our customers, always delivering on time and with quality.

We practice continuous improvement in all business processes, seeking to efficiently consume renewable resources promote risk-based thinking.

We protect our personnel and environment, considering the impact that our products and processes can have on it. Implementing labor risk and pollution prevention practices, complying with legal and other requirements.

We establish strong relationships with our shareholders, customers, staff, and suppliers.

We exercise a leadership that unites and develops, through the involvement of our staff for the definition, establishment, an achievement of the objectives.

We know that being a World Class Supplier requires we be a good corporate citizen and steward of the planet.

KI is committed to providing our customers with products that are compliant with applicable environmental regulations. These regulations, such as the European Standard RoHS, calls for the elimination of the use of environmentally hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment placed in the market after July 1, 2006.

All KI products are RoHS compliant.

In addition to ensuring that the products we supply are safe for the consumer and the environment, we make sure that our manufacturing processes are also. Our plating and painting systems meet all local Government Agency environmental requirements.

Never, ever dull

In a dynamic technological company you’re constantly using your mind. Machines can’t solve problems, test new processes, and launch new products. That’s all up to you. At KI Industries  your mind will be filled with new challenges everyday.

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There are two aspects to my role that energize me: helping create something and solving problems.

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