Never stop. Never, ever stop.

We're committed to doing the right thing.

We are relentless in serving our customers, building up our people, protecting the environment, and above all living our values every day.

Our Values

In all that we do, no matter where in the world, our Corporate Values help define our decisions, behavior, and actions.

A balanced work / life ethic

We work hard to support our associate’s ability to maintain a healthy balance between their work roles, their personal responsibilities, and family life. We’ve seen first-hand that achieving that balance enables our team to be more productive and efficient both at work and with their families.

Passion and drive that inspires others

KI hires experts in their functional areas and they are passionate about their work and take great pride in what they do. That drive and energy is contagious, and we all feed off each other every day.


Our customers are the very reason for our existence as a company. From the time we engage with them on a project, each function of the company is driven to deliver the best solutions and service possible. The proof is in the pudding – many of our customer relationships go back over 20 years!

Curious problem-solvers

Our customers bring some of their most challenging problems to us because they can count on us to deliver a successful solution. From Engineering to Supply Chain, to Logistics, we’ve proven time and again that we solve their problems. We hope you’ll bring us one of your challenging problems to see how we deliver!

Authentic Trust and Respect

Every member of KI operates in a culture of accountability. We trust each other to deliver on the commitments that we make to each other, to the organization, and to our customers.

It is our duty to create new, sustainable methods for creating and decorating OEM products. It requires unprecedented innovation balanced with consistent quality.

It may seem implausible that a company in the plastics and metal industries could be a sustainability champion. Our response?

We have the  skill, creativity, and global reach required to change our model. If we don’t do it, who will?

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