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Build to Spec

KI Industries supports all phases of manufacturing, from design review to engineering and full industrial implementation. Our process results in top class decorative plastic and die-cast components engineering.

Program Management

KI’s flawless launch process monitors the project through each phase of development. We establish metrics to evaluate performance at each critical step. A weekly review with executive management provides focus and support. Result? Projects stay on track.

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Product and Process Development

Design for manufacturability begins with understanding your needs.  KI can suggest the best material for your part design, finish, and performance requirements.

We work with your design team beginning at the concept phase. This allows for the concurrent design of the part, the tool, and the manufacturing process.

Advanced Design Services

KI has the experience and expertise to support your needs from initial concept to production launch. We can handle every detail.

KI has a solution-based design approach. We use CAD  with portable and desktop Pro/Engineer capabilities as well as model-making to assist in product design. Moldflow analysis guarantees that our tooling design is built for optimum cost efficiency and the quality you expect.

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Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

KI’s Global Manufacturing reach enables our customers to expand their supply base into low-cost countries.

We have over 40 years of successful manufacturing of products in Asia and delivering them to customers in the U.S. and Mexico,

Quality Certifications

Our employees receive regular training in the latest systems and quality techniques. From basic problem-solving techniques to PFMEA, DFMEA and Six Sigma tools this training serves as the cornerstone of our continuous improvement efforts.

Additional Services

For over twenty-five years, KI has partnered with tooling manufacturers in Asia. This enables us to build high-quality tooling at competitive costs.

KI’s modeling capabilities include the development of solid model engineering files, 3D printed models, and S.L.A./S.L.S. rapid prototypes. KI will make sure that you will get parts and assemblies on time and right the first time.


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