Industry pioneers

Founded in 1964, KI has become a leading supplier of decorative components

Rich heritage

KI Industries, Inc. has a proud tradition of making complex components for companies that place a high value on product aesthetics as well as stringent functional and dimensional integrity.

We thrive on change

Founded in 1964, KI has pioneered many technologies that are now widely used in the industry. We continue to develop new processing techniques that enable our customers to bring innovative products to market that make their products unique.

Local to you

KI manufactures parts in Asia and Mexico allowing for the best combination of logistics and cost-effective manufacturing. The requirements of each project are evaluated to determine the optimal location for manufacture.

Experience counts

We combine an experienced, well-trained workforce with the latest technology in a clean, modern and safe work environment to deliver innovative solutions for each customer.


Throughout our 50+ years in business, we have focused on building the best team in our industry.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to work with you and be a part of your continued success.

~Mike MacLean

Our Timeline



The company was founded by Bob and Marcia Goltermann as Knobs, Inc. The main products are control knobs provided to cooking and appliance manufacturers.


Ranges & Laundry

Carl Goltermann joins the company as President. Knobs Inc., establishes itself as the premier plastic supplier to range and laundry manufacturers in the US.


Latin American growth

Construction begins on the facility in Queretaro, Mexico that will eventually become Plant 3



Company moves to its current building in Berkeley, IL.


KI Industries is born

The company changes its name to KI Industries, Inc. and incorporates in Illinois.


China plant

KI Expands its geographic operational footprint to include a chrome plating operation in China, where it produces chrome components for the major appliance and faucet markets.



Dave Goltermann named CEO


Mexico Plant Opens

KI acquires Benito Juarez facility and begins manufacturing in Mexico


Automotive Expansion

KI enters the automotive market with production of a 2-shot window lift button that is painted and laser-etched. Part is utilized on every Honda Accord, Odyssey and Ridgeline built worldwide.


Automotive Paint

The Queretaro plant footprint is expanded, and the company makes a significant investment in an automatic paint line.


China Office

KI establishes a China office to support Asia manufacturing operations.


Mexico Plant #2

A second manufacturing facility is opened in Mexico, specializing in gas assist molding and painting of large parts for interior automotive trim.



Mike MacLean is appointed President and CEO


MX Distribution Center

Ki opens a new Distribution Center in Mexico in 2020

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